Here at City Lights Maintenance we are known for our quality yet competitively priced cleaning and sanitizing services. Whether it’s one visit per week or seven visits per week, City Lights is here for you. From large corporate headquarters to small offices we service them all. We offer custom packages that you design to help you get the most for your money.

Our cleaning staff is properly trained to successfully Disinfect surfaces and to pay attention to detail. City Lights Maintenance supervisors are very stringent when it comes to the quality of work, however still maintain a friendly relationship with our cleaning professionals. The result is a professionally cleaned and germ free office for our customers.

In addition to good workmanship, quality cleaning products are essential to leave a good lasting impression. We exclusively use top of the line Hospital Grade Disinfecting cleaning agents. We stock a wide variety of brand name and hospital grade disinfectant cleaners, germicides, odor neutralizers and more… Our complete superior line of products will be sure to satisfy any customer and leave your facility clean and germ free. If your office has expensive delicate furniture, natural stone or unfinished wood, we are the cleaning company for you. We always test our products in inconspicuous areas as recommended by most product manufacturers. In addition to this precaution we use gentle, water-based specialty cleaners for wood, natural stone and all metals.

Take good care of your office, it represents your company. When running a business you do not have the time to be concerned with the cleanliness of your work environment; leave it up to us. When City Lights Maintenance is your cleaning service your office will always be clean and ready to impress any customer or client.

We have many customers who would be more than happy to tell you about their experience with our company. Ask us for our reference list. Also you can check out our customer testimonials.

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